Thursday, September 30, 2010

Meet Martin

Let me introduce you to Martin. It is not his real name, of course. But he is a real boy, and this is his real picture, his real face, as I first saw it just over a year ago.

Martin lives in an orphanage in Eastern Europe. He was born with Down Syndrome and a heart defect, that has since been surgically repaired.

I started this blog to advocate for Martin, to try to find a family who can parent him, can raise him, can be his everyday getting dressed, eating breakfast, wiping tears, reading stories and giving goodnight kisses family. Because it is very expensive to bring home a child from Martin’s country, this blog will also be used to raise money to offset the cost of Martin’s adoption.

Financial donations can be made to Reece’s Rainbow, a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization that advocates for the adoption of children with special needs, and Down Syndrome in particular, and works to help families of children with disabilities parent their children. Reece’s Rainbow will use donations to fund a grant for Martin’s adoption. You can learn more about Reece’s Rainbow by clicking on this link or the Reece’s Rainbow button on the side of this blog.

In the coming weeks I will blog more about Martin and his plight. Stick around and you just might fall in love.

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