Friday, March 4, 2011

Martin's Hope

Such good news!

I always knew that Martin was going to do great things in this world, and at only 5 years of age, he already is at it.

Martin is no longer available for adoption, but he has brought hope to another child, Paul.

Like Martin, Paul was born with a little something extra, a third copy of his 21st chromosome. Like Martin, Paul was abandoned at birth to the tender ministrations of a state-run orphanage. Now, like Martin, Paul has the hope of a family. The House Family is pursuing Paul's adoption.

I have so much respect for this wonderful family, pushing through their loss and moving forward. Choosing a child who has no hope, and giving it to him.

Let's continue to work together to help give an orphan hope, a family to love and care for him, to dry his tears, teach him that every morning can be good, and kiss him to sleep at night. Since Martin is no longer available for adoption his funds have been transferred to Paul, and you can contribute to Paul's adoption fund by clicking on the House Family Sponsorship button with Martin's picture on it on the sidebar of this blog.

I like that there is not a new button yet. It makes me smile to think of Martin working to bring his little brother home.

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  1. God bless the House family & I hope that they're able to make the connection this time!!