Saturday, January 1, 2011

Buttons across the years.

Here are some of the buttons that have been used to raise awareness and funding for Martin's adoption, since he was first listed on Reece's Rainbow in 2009.

Any of these look familiar?

Well, they have all been removed from this blog.

Because they have all been replaced by a wonderful knew button that links directly to the RR family services page for the House family.

The funds are still tax deductible, and are still dedicated to Martin, but now the focus is on helping Martin's family bring him home.

How great is that? How great is this?

Introducing Martin's newest button.

Grab the button from the side of the blog and post it, tweet it, facebook it

Do whatever it is you do when you want to spread the word.

Martin is coming home to his family in 2011!

Let's all chip in to make this the last blog button that Martin ever needs.

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