Friday, January 28, 2011

Mary Kay Fundraiser for Martin

For most of my life I pretty much never wore makeup. I'm kind of a back to nature girl that way. However, I did notice once I hit my very late 30s--say 3010, 3011 or so--that I did not look exactly the same as I remembered myself looking. What to do?

Thanks to Mary Kay, I have gentle natural looking makeup that I can wear to work, church and other dress-up places. I use this stuff myself and enjoy the fact that it doesn't irritate my skin.

Even though when I get up in the morning I see that same girl of 20 years ago, when I actually put on my glasses, I appreciate that a more polished look is required for some of my more formal daily interactions.

Anyway if you use Mary Kay, or if you are in the market for some good makeup or skin care products, do I have a deal for you. My cousin Jeannie just started selling Mary Kay products and has agreed to hold a Mary Kay fundraiser for Martin. The fundraiser will run from Wednesday-Friday of next week, February 2-4.

So, if you wear makeup an want to help bring Martin home, mark your calendar for this win-win.

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