Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween and All Saints Day: Let's Focus on Our Heroes

Every year I am impressed by the juxtaposition of Halloween and All Saints Day. (For you non-Catholics, All Saints Day is the day the Church Militant--all of us still on the journey--celebrates the Church Triumphant--all of those who have gone before us, and are already with the Lord.)

Sure, I know that Halloween started out as All Hallows' Eve, but it still seems an odd combination of celebrations. I am not one for being really scared. As a kid, I used to have to leave the room for at least 2 scenes in the Wizard of Oz. So, I like to focus on the day after Halloween, All Saints Day, the day when we celebrate our heroes.

One of my heroes is Andrea Roberts, the founder and director of Reece's Rainbow. Andrea is not yet part of the Church Triumphant, she's still here on planet earth, but her life's work is none the less worth studying and supporting. It seems that I am not the only one who thinks so, as both the US Congress and People Magazine have honored her this year. (Yeah, I know, not exactly two organizations that leap to mind when you think of "saint" or "church triumphant".)

Andrea is the recipient of the 2010 Congressional Angels in Adoption Award,

and now is People Magazine's 2010 Readers' Choice Hero of the Year!

So, who are your heroes and what are they doing to change the world?

P.S. For all your wordsmiths out there, Yahoo reports that "heroes" is the correct spelling of the plural of hero, when you are talking about a person. "Heros" is the correct spelling when referring to one or more of the large sandwiches on long rolls, variously referred to by other regional names such as "hoagie," "sub" or "grinder."

P.P.S. For more about RR, see my earlier post or click on this link:Reece's Rainbow:">

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