Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Reece's Rainbow

A friend and fellow adoptive mom pointed out that I was less than clear about where this money for Martin was going. Doh!

All donations go directly to Reece's Rainbow, for the benefit of Martin's Adoption Fund. The Chip-in is set up so that it will go straight to Reece's Rainbow. Of course, Chip-in does charge for this service, so if you want to send a donation directly to Reece's Rainbow by mail, that would be good too!

So what exactly is Reece's Rainbow? RR is an International Down Syndrome Orphan Ministry with the motto of "Adoption, Advocacy, Outreach and Aid." Long story short, it is a great organization started 5 years ago to advocate for children with Down Syndrome living in orphanages, to help them find adoptive families. In its first four years RR helped over 300 children with Down Syndrome and other disabilities move from orphanages into homes. More than 100 more children will find their forever families through RR in 2010!

RR is a not-for-profit United State's organization with 501(c)(3) status from the IRS, and is staffed solely by volunteers! What? That's right, from founder and guiding light Andrea Roberts on down, everyone involved does what they do without pay. Could your money possibly go to a more responsible charity? Please visit the RR Website to learn more.

From focusing almost exclusively on adoption, the organization has expanded to provide support to the children left behind. RR's newest venture, Connecting the Rainbow, is an attempt to put itself out of business. The Connecting the Rainbow ministry works with families in developing countries to help them parent their children with Down Syndrome.

I have so much more to tell you about RR, but this post is getting too long as it is. Please visit the websites and we'll talk more about this later.

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