Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Yep, it really does get harder.

I could write some more about the conditions that await Martin as he gets older, but I have never been to Eastern Europe and have never witnessed those conditions first hand. Rather than speculate, I am providing links to two blogs of folks who have been there, so that you can get a first hand account.

The first blog is about a Christian group who visits children at an orphanage for older boys with disabilities in Eastern Europe. It descibes the conditions and actually contains videos of some of the children.

Romaniv Boys Orphanage | World Next Door

The second blog is that of an mom who has adopted two children with Down Syndrome from Eastern Europe, and is fund raising on behalf of a third child at such an insitution.

Jewels in My Crown: My heart. Yep, this is long...

Please take a look at these conditions, and then take a look at Martin. Think of him there. It breaks my heart. Does it break yours too? If it does, please think and pray about what you can do to help. Can you bring Martin home? Do you have a few dollars to spare to help another family bring him home? Can you pray for him?

Think about it. Pray about it. Then act upon it.

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