Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Martin Gets a Second Chance (and a big boy picture)

Martin was born on January 20, 2006. As a child with Down Syndrome living in an orphanage, his fate seemed sealed. Unless a family committed to adopt him before his 4th birthday, he would be transferred to a “mental institution”, and no child had ever been adopted from the institution in his region.

A miracle happened for Martin when he turned 4. Instead of being transferred to the mental institution on his 4th birthday, as sometimes happens when a baby house is short on room and resources, Martin’s transfer was delayed for several months. Then, when the transfer finally came, Martin was not sent to the institution. He was sent to an orphanage for older children!

How did this happen? We don’t know. Many people were praying for Martin. His pictures reveal an active and engaged child. Perhaps he was what is sometimes called an “orphanage favorite”. Certainly, there must be something special about this little boy that caused his baby house to fight for him to go to the older child orphanage. There must be something that caused that orphanage to accept him. Maybe it was just the Holy Spirit.

However it happened, Martin’s future remains open. He is living with typical children and, one hopes, getting some sort of schooling. Finding a family to love, cherish and parent him is still a possibility! Could you be that family? Please help to spread the word about Martin. I know his family is out there, they just don’t know it yet.


  1. I remember when Andrea sent out a plea for him and 3 other children in his region that were running out of time before they were transferred and would probably become unadoptable. I had just found Reece's Rainbow. I sent word out about these kids and prayed for them, but none in particular. In fact, my favorites are normally girls, so if anything it was one of them. Then I had a dream one night about Martin. It was one of those dreams that seemed a little more than a dream. Anyway, I dreamed he was in the institution and was in so much pain and fear and I could feel it and it woke me up and I was lets just say a little frazzled by it. I started praying for him so much then, all the time. That he wouldn't be transfered, and that his heart would be ok until he found a family. So, I assumed that would mean he would be adopted fast. But, then I found out he had his heart surgery and got transferred to a regular orphanage instead of an institution. So, I thought, well that works too! Sorry, I just wanted to share. He's had a special spot in my heart since then. I'm a Christmas Warrior too, for Nikita R.
    I've been following your blog though and hope you have much success!

  2. Randi, I so understand what you went through, and so glad that Martin has a special place in your heart too. I'll pop over and visit you on your blog.

    There is something about these kids that grabs you by the heart and just won't let go.