Saturday, February 19, 2011

Please pray

Tuesday night I was sitting at the computer, checking my email. It was just after midnight and everyone else was asleep, even the dog. It is during this quiet peaceful time that I sometimes pray, and do all those little jobs that just don't get done during the rest of the day.

Melissa House emailed me then to let me know that they had received word that Martin was no longer available for adoption, his first family had come to take him home. No more information was available. I should have responded to Melissa, I knew her heart was broken, I knew she was awake, the email had just come through, but I shut the lid on my computer and just sat there and cried.

I cried for Melissa and Charlie, stepping out in faith in response to God's call. I cried for their grief at the loss of this child of their hearts. Not knowing whether their child will be safe, cherished, loved, is something that no parent should have to go through. I cried for Martin who may never know the love of this wonderful family, may never live in a country where he can go to his neighborhood school. I cried for me, my own selfish tears.

And yet, and yet, God is good. God is good and what a blessing if Martin's first family's hearts have opened to him. A blessing to them, a blessing to Martin, a blessing to their whole country. Who knows how many lives Martin may touch? Who knows what changes he may bring?

God is good, and I know with all my heart that, ultimately, all will be well. But sometimes, in this life, ultimately is beyond what we can see. And sometimes the pain between now and ultimately can feel like more than we can bear.

Now is a time for prayer. Please pray for Melissa and Charlie, as they live the unbearable grief of this time. Ask the Lord to comfort them and to give them the grace to lean on Him, and remain open to hearing and following His call. Ask the Lord to give them peace in the knowledge that He loves Martin even more than any of us can imagine.

Please pray for Martin's first family, that they will love, protect and cherish Martin, and appreciate this wonderful gift they have been given. That they will be true parents to Martin, acting always in his best interest.

And please pray for our boy Martin. I know I will, every day.

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