Saturday, February 26, 2011

Losing Martin...Moving Forward...

Losing Martin...: Moving Forward...: "Well, we have finally had 'the discussion'. The one about what our next move is going to be. We have known all along that we still want to a..."

After some tough times, the House family is ready to move forward again in this crazy world of international adoption. In Melissa's words: "I have not given up on Martin and most likely never will. He will always be in my thoughts. I will always wonder where he is and how he's doing, but I know that there is another little boy out there that needs our family. So we are off to finish this crazy, insane journey and bring home our son, whoever he may be."

If Charlie and Melissa can keep their eyes focused on a child's need for a family, then I think that we can too. Wadda ya say? Let's continue to help support them to bring their son home, "whoever he may be."

The Adoption book and Green with Envy Jewelry give aways were supposed to end on Monday, but I am going to continue them through March 17.

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  1. My husband and I also lost our first daughter,Mindy. We were going to name her Mary. After loving her and dreaming of her for 7 months, we were told her mother changed her mind. Heartbreaking! Like you I will always consider her my baby and I have to believe she is being loved by her family. We were told that by losing her we, in reality, will be saving two children. We are now,hopefully, getting close to bringing our other daughter home, Anna. God Bless you and my prayers are with you. Christy