Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Inch by inch...

Inch by inch, row by row...

That was always one of my favorite songs. I was singing it to myself just now as I updated the amount of money available in Martin's Reece's Rainbow adoption grant funds in the fundraising thermometer on the side of the blog.

The amount raised to date is....drum roll please...$13,991. Wow! (can I say that again?) Wow!

Maybe it's just the warm weather yesterday, the melting snow, the seed catalogues arriving in the mail, the promise of spring in the air, but I can't get that song (or the gardening analogy) out of my head.

Martin is like a tender young seedling in a harsh environment. Charlie and Melissa House are the master gardeners who will bring this seedling home and plant it in fertile soil, nourish it and cherish it, until it grows into the beautiful, fruitful plant it was meant to be.

Let's support the gardeners by praying for them and helping the funds in the House Family FSP continue to inch forward to their goal, the money that will allow them to bring Martin home.

Remember, all contributions are tax deductible, no contribution is too small, and contributions of $5 or more or spreading the word on facebook or your own blog (and leaving a comment here to let me know about the contribution or reposting), will get you entered into one of the give aways.

To learn more about the giveaways,
click on the pictures below.

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