Thursday, December 2, 2010

Expanded Mission

Martin's family has started their own blog, and in the generosity of their hearts have not limited it to be about just Martin and their family. The are also going to use their blog "to promote the need to find homes for those children that have disabilities and don't have families."

Wow! Can I say (again) how grateful I am that this family is bringing Martin home?

I will continue to try to raise financial and prayer support to bring Martin home to his family, but, following their example, I am also going to expand the mission of this blog to help find families for other children with disabilities.

After all, if the internet can bring the face of a little boy in an Eastern European orphange to the facebook page of a man in America, who just got off a plane from Afghanistan, mabe it can help other children find their families too. (Note, I am definitely not saying this blog had anything to do with getting Martin's picture there (I can't imagine it did), but his father did see him for the first time on facebook).

Thank you for your generous hearts and your good example, House Family.

For the rest of you, if you want to see some of the faces of those children who need homes, watch the RR Christmas Video on the sidebar of this blog.

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