Friday, December 3, 2010

A Little Sacrifice

Okay, all you Martin fans out there probably know this already from reading the House Family's Blog, but Martin's family is blowing through their paperwork at a record pace.

That is great news! The little man cannot get home soon enough for his family (or for us). But, it also means that there is not much time for Martin's family to raise the money needed to ransom him.

Now, a lot of blogs and fundraisers are selling things or doing give aways. Today I want to take a different approach. I don't want to talk about getting today. Today, I want to talk about giving. I want to talk about sacrifice.

Now don't get nervous, I am not going to talk about big ;-) Today I want to talk about a lot of people making little sacrifices that can all add up.

Okay, how many of you run your lives on caffeine? Come on, be honest. How many cups of coffee (or tea, or coke, or diet pepsi) do you have a week? Is it 5 or 6 or 27? Now, how many of those do you buy to drink. How many times a week do you drop $1.69 on a cup of coffee at the Dunkin Donuts instead of making it at home?

Are you willing to make a little sacrifice to help bring Martin home? How about giving up just 5 cups of your on-the-go purchased caffeinated beverage of choice for a week and donating the money you save to help bring Martin home?

If someone were to give up 5 medium cups of coffee at $1.69, that would be a savings of $8.45. If 100 people were to do that, it would raise $845. If 200 of us did it, Martin's family would be $1,690 closer to bringing him home. If 500 people make that small sacrifice, then in one week we could raise $4,225 to bring Martin home.

By banding together and making a lot of little sacrifices, we can make a big difference. Will you do it? Will you sacrifice the cost of your caffeinated beverages for one week to help save a little boy from life in an institution?

Link to this post, post this to facebook, tell your friends, tell your families. Let's spread the word and get a jump start on this fund raising thing, after all, we need to catch up with the House Family and their paperwork finishing tornado.

Go here to donate your little sacrifice to Martin.


  1. Sooooo I just found out yesterday that I can't donate to my out FSP. I had no idea. I wanted to take part but I guess we are getting our money sent back to us :(

  2. Melissa, it is so sweet of you to want to participate. You guys are so the perfect family for Martin. I love your big hearts and the way you are so thoughtful of other people. Don't worry, I know you can send your donation right to the home study agency, or notary, or background check, or...