Thursday, December 2, 2010


Remember we talked about some of the places that childen with disabilities are sent to when they "age out" of the baby house in the EE orphanage system?

Remember that most of these places are not good places for children...or anyone?

This beautiful girl has been transferred to such a place.

I don't know whether it is one of the "bad" places or one of the "not so bad" places.

I do know that it is not as good as going home to a family.

Is there someone missing from your family?

Does someone you know have someone missing from their family?

Maybe they need a 7 year old girl with DS and just don't know it yet.

Full medical records are available, and she is eligible for an Older Child Adoption Grant from Reece's Rainbow.

Let's plaster this beautiful face all over the internet. Blog about it, put it on your facebook page, just get it out there. Sarah at Rainbows Come from Above did, and she has more really great pictures of Elizabeth that show her gently caring for her baby dolls.

This princess has been hidden away long enough, let's bring her out into the light so her family can find her. And please, keep Elizabeth and her family in your prayers.

If you think you might be Elizabeth's family follow the links to learn more about her, and get in touch with Andrea at Reece's Rainbow. She can help you with the rest.

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