Saturday, November 6, 2010

Did you pick me?

Some people are great writers. They know what to say to bring tears to your eyes or laughter to your lips. I read something today that did both, so I wanted to share it.

I think that most adoptive parents have faced the question answered by this Adoptive Mom in her blog: "Did you pick me?" I always heard it with the emphasis on the word "pick." But say it to yourself with the emphasis on the word "me". Funny what a difference that makes, isn't it?

Next time my little one asks that question, I am going to hear it differently, and when he comes running into the kitchen in 5 minutes looking for the rest of his Halloween Candy, I am going to squeeze him a little tighter than usual.

Take a few minutes to click on the link below, and you'll read something by a great writer with a heart for adoption.

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