Monday, November 29, 2010

Presenting....Martin's Family!

It sounds like a perfect match...

The House Family has committed to bring Martin home. Martin's adoptive parents obviously love boys, since Martin will be their third. And guess what? One of Martin's brothers shares a little something extra with him, an extra copy of that famous 21st chromosome!

Now, it is time for us to really get to work doing all we can to support the House Family in bringing Martin home. Martin is coming home to an active duty military family...okay, I need to say it, a Marine Corp family!

Martin's parents sound perfect for him. They are experienced parents and advocates for people with Down Syndrome, but large sums of cash (like the $30,000 or so for adoption from Martin's country), is probably not one of the many gifts they bring to parenting Martin. That is something that we can help them with.

As Martin's father (I just love writing that) said on his facebook page:

"Alright folks! This is really going to happen. We need all the support we can get from our family, friends, and all those that want to see Martin come home! Please help us get him home where he belongs with us. Follow the link below and help make this dream come true for Martin and our family......"

Follow this link, keep spreading the word, pray, give what you can and let's make this happen for Martin and his family!

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