Monday, November 29, 2010

Reckless Abandon

"Reckless abandon for the sake of His orphans...simply because they so desperately need us. Come what may." These are the words that Adeye wrote in her blog sharing a Christian view of adoption from her perspective.

I have always been more of a "prudential judgment" type of person. Even the things I have done as an adult that look like reckless abandon mostly came about as the result of a long process of discernment laden with heavy doses of reason, but lately I have begun to wonder if that view is not too narrow. The focus of my faith journey recently has been about trusting God. Maybe that is one of the reasons that Adeye's post struck me so strongly.

I do not believe that everyone should adopt an orphan, just as I do not believe everyone should jump in the rushing flood waters to save the person who fell in (especially, if they can't swim themselves). Someone needs to stay on the bank and call 911.

Still, Adeye's words challenge me. "God hardly ever calls us to do things for Him when everything in our lives is just grand. He never calls us to walk on the water when our circumstances are sweet." Go read her post and think about it some. Even if we can't all adopt, what can we do to care for orphans with reckless abandon?

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