Saturday, November 13, 2010

Down Syndrome, what you CAN do...

When people first think of bringing home a child with Down Syndrome, or other special needs, it can be kind of scary.

You know, in that terrifying, what-is-this-going-to-do-to-my-life, what-about-my-other-kids, what-am-I-thinking, what-about-me kind of way.

What better way to learn about what it is like to parent, be a sibling to, or live as a person with Down Syndrome than to listen to parents, siblings and people with DS who have btdt (been there done that)?

Face to face would be best, but second best might be this blog and book put together by a sister, and containing contributions from professionals and the real experts, parents, siblings and people with DS, all of whom have btdt.

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