Thursday, November 4, 2010

Martin has $60 in his Angel Tree Fund!

Someone (or perhaps 2 someones) contibuted to Martin's Angel Tree Fund, and...they don't live in this house!

I decided to check the RR site while the kids were busy fighting...uh, I mean getting ready for bed. As I scrolled down the rows of children needing families I silently said a prayer for each of them. I stopped when I got to Martin and there it was, money in his Angel Tree Fund!

I am so excited! Someone else is going to get to see his face hanging from their Christmas Tree, and (more importantly) the financial barriers to Martin's adoption are $60 lower than they were just a few hours ago. Perhaps most importantly, I know that someone else out there is loving and praying for this sweet child.

I am going to update the fundraising "thermometer" on the side of the blog. Thank you, whoever your are. I am going to say a special prayer for you tonight. Did I say thank you yet?

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